Free Seats is offering free seats again  starting tomorrow (November 11 – November 15, 2010)!  If you aren’t familiar with them and you are thinking about traveling in South East Asia, London, China and/or Australia then you should definitely check them out!  While they are a no frills airline, their service is excellent and very professional.  If you want a meal or drinks make sure that you book those with your tickets; otherwise, you will pay a premium for them on the flight.

We have flown with Air Asia extensively this past year and not once was our plane delayed.  Always a smooth flight!  For the best deals you will want to fly out of their main hub in K.L. (Kuala Lumpur).  The discounts into or out of K.L. are usually significant.  For instance, we took a one-way flight  from K.L. to Tianjin China for $163 USD for the two of us!  Of all the airlines that we flew on, AirAsia was clearly the best!  I recommend that you sign up with them so you will always be notified in advance of their air sales and free flights!

hhmmmm….  where should we go now …?? 😉

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