On June 9th, 2010 we flew on United Airlines from Frankfurt to San Francisco.  And thus, our second big adventure came to a conclusion.  But don’t worry, now that we’re back home in California we will continue to provide travel tips on Adventures of George and Heidi. Check back soon for our “Top Ten” lists!

A day in Frankfurt, Germany

We arrived in Frankfurt in the early afternoon of June 8th, and had the rest of the day for sight-seeing. From our hotel near the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof train station we took a stroll along the Main River.  Even though the hotels near the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof train station are in the Red Light district, we didn’t

Klagenfurt to Frankfurt Am Main

We took an 8:50 AM flight from Klagenfurt to Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) on Ryanair (an airline that we dislike from previous terrible service, however, this time they were efficient and we even arrived early).  Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) is not in Frankfurt at all, but over 100 km from Frankfurt! Luckily, there is a regular

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