The Allure of Thailand- Photos from our 2004 visit

You may have noticed that at the top of both of our lists of favorite countries visited is Thailand.  Sometimes I wonder whether Thailand really is a better holiday destination than other places we have visited, or if we are just sentimental.  After all, Thailand was the first foreign country I ever visited.  Yep, even …

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Bang Thao Beach

Bang Thao Beach is on the west side of Phuket, south of Nai Thon Beach. Bang Thao has nice luxury resorts, but not much else.  There weren’t restaurants near the beach, so if you stayed here you would probably have to eat at your resort.  The laguna resorts are connected by a lake, and there …

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Macau Monkeys

We stopped for a couple minutes to see the Macau monkeys.  Locals visit each day to feed the monkeys bananas.  According to Sam, they wouldn’t have enough to eat in the wild. This monkey was smart.  Instead of waiting for people to throw bananas to him, he climbed up to where the people were, to …

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Cashew Nuts

Does anyone know what a cashew apple is?  Neither did we, even the first time we ate one.  On our tour around Phuket, Sam pointed out a flowering cashew tree (abundant in Phuket) and told us that in about 2 months there would be cashew apples and nuts on the tree.  We were confused, since …

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Sea Gypsy Village

Sea Gypsies have lived in many countries including: Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand.  The Thai government has allowed Sea Gypsies to establish a permanent village on Phuket Island.  There are over 1,000 residents in the village and most are gypsies, a few Thais and it looked like a western woman lived there as well.  They have …

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Surin Beach

A little north of Kamala Beach is Surin Beach.  Here you will also find many upscale restaurants and shops.  In the photo above are two girls who appeared to be practicing and working out for Muay Thai (Thai boxing that includes kick-boxing and martial arts). I liked that there were restaurants near the beach at …

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