Ho Chi Minh City

Quan Hy Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

After a 10 hour bus ride from Nha Trang we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to have dinner with some friends. Quan Hy is now our favorite restaurant in HCMC! It is walking distance from the backpacker area or a short and cheap taxi ride.  They also have a branch in Westminister, California. www.quanhyrestaurant.com

Walking tour of Ho Chi Minh City

On our full day in Ho Chi Minh City we set out on a self-guided walking tour of the city.  We took a similar path to that suggested in our Lonely Planet travel guide, but in reverse order. With all the cars, bicycles, and motorbikes that don’t follow the rules, it’s quite a challenge to

Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine

[Sorry for the long gap between posts.  We were without reliable internet while in Cambodia.] After arriving in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) we ventured out to the ‘not so popular’ Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine. Even though it may not be popular, it very well should be since it houses many important artifacts and

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