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What fun is traveling if you don't have the right gear for the right journey? Here you will find what we consider to be the best and must have travel gear.

Solid Travel Toiletries

Solid and Zero-Waste Travel Toiletries Checklist

By Heidi | July 29, 2019

We are preparing for full time travel around-the-world as a family of four. When choosing travel toiletries, we kept these criteria in mind: Good for long-term travel Mostly solid toiletries Preferably zero-waste, low-waste, or reusable containers Natural or non-toxic ingredients Hopefully each item we packed falls into at least two of these categories. It would

Myanmar Packing List

Myanmar Essential Packing List

By Heidi | June 2, 2012

George and I have started to work on our Myanmar Packing List, since we will be headed to Myanmar in July! In order to be sure that we remember all the essentials, while still packing light, we prepared a packing list weeks in advance. To come up with our Myanmar Packing List, I started with

How to Pack Light: Develop a Packing List

By Heidi | March 14, 2010

The main lesson I learned from our 7 month journey was to pack light! The less you have, the more freedom you have to go where you want to and to do whatever you would like. On our 2008-2009 adventure my mind set was that we had already packed most of our belongings into a

Review of Kata 3N1-33 Laptop and Camera Backpack – Before and After 3 Months Usage

By Heidi | March 9, 2010

George’s big purchase for our next trip was the Kata 3N1-33 laptop and camera backpack.  While I’m carrying our clothes, he will be carrying his gear, which is much heavier, anyway!  His old camera bag didn’t have a pocket for a laptop and it got rather smelly in Cambodia :), so it was time for

Review of Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Laptop

By Heidi | March 9, 2010

I purchased an Acer Aspire Timeline 1810tz laptop to take on our next adventure.  Last time around George brought his Mac Book Pro and I had to wait until he was done working to get a chance to update our blog.  This time around I will be able to import and upload the photos and

Review of PacSafe VentureSafe 25L

By Heidi | March 9, 2010

PREVIEW: The first part of this review was written before traveling with the PacSafe I’m very excited about my new PacSafe VentureSafe 25L!  When I started looking online for a daypack I was surprised how few brands take safety into consideration.  I didn’t want a pack with obvious zipper pulls dangling in view and calling

Review of Pentax Optio W80 Waterproof Camera

By Heidi | February 3, 2010

My new Pentax Optio W80 is the camera I’ll be taking on our next adventure.  Some of you may recall that my Canon Powershot S60 died on our last trip while we were in Thailand (it was about 5 years old).  We had purchased an underwater housing and it was awesome to be able to

Review of REI Venus 75 Backpack & PacSafe Backpack Protector

By Joji | January 31, 2010

REI VENUS 75 As we contemplated our next overseas adventure we began searching for ways to optimize our travel gear as well as our travel clothing and accessories. We want to travel as light and comfortably as possible. Heidi’s first purchase was the Venus 75 from REI. She tried a bunch of different packs and

Waterproof camera case

By Heidi | December 18, 2008

I put my camera in its water proof case today and had fun taking photos in the water at Kata Beach. I tried setting the timer and letting the camera float in the water, but those photos were too silly to post.

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