Review of Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Laptop

I purchased an Acer Aspire Timeline 1810tz laptop to take on our next adventure.  Last time around George brought his Mac Book Pro and I had to wait until he was done working to get a chance to update our blog.  This time around I will be able to import and upload the photos and type the posts on my own laptop!  The Acer is lightweight and small, 11.6″.  We looked at netbooks as well, but they weren’t powerful enough for me to be able to process photos in Lightroom.  One of the best features of the Acer Aspire is the 8 hour battery life, possible due to a new type of processor (ultra low voltage).  That should prove handy in places like India where the electricity supply is unreliable.

Hopefully this means I will be better about keeping the blog up to date!

Acer Aspire 1810TZ

Review After Real-World Usage

[Update, Nov. 13, 2011]

I have been using the Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ laptop for over a year now, and love it as a travel laptop!  It is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for travel.  When I’m at home I would prefer to use a computer with a bigger screen.  However, while out on the road this laptop has served me well for blogging and checking email.  I can also easily import my photos, since the memory card fits right into a slot in the side of the laptop.  It is also plenty powerful enough to edit photos in Lightroom.  The long battery life is also a plus when you are on the road.  Make sure to charge it when you are at your hotel, and then it can last for hours!

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