Seville to airport by Bus

June 19, 2009:

The next morning we woke early to catch a bus to the Seville Airport enroute to Tenerife, Spain.  To save money we opted to walk again and pull our luggage down the cobble stone streets, again.  I really wish we didn’t depart with our huge backpack in Thailand, but we had no choice since we are limited to the amount of luggage you can check in at the airport.

Spain really has a great bus system as you can get anywhere easily with their buses.  Across the street from the Prado De San Sebastian Bus Station there is a bus stop.  If you are unsure if it’s the correct bus station look for the letters ‘EA’  written largely on the corner of the bus stop enclosure.  Also, the bus will have in large letters ‘Aeropuerto’.  Finally, if you need to be absolutely certain, you can go to the Prado bus station information booth and ask for more information.

The ride to the airport takes about 30 minutes depending on traffic and cost us 2.3 euros per/person.

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