Win an Expedition with National Geographic!

Check out the National Geographic Great Migrations Sweepstakes!

  • Enter by October 23, 2010 for a chance to win an expedition with NG to see the Wildebeest migration in Tanzania, Africa.
  • During the second entry period (Oct. 24-Nov. 6) you can enter to win a trip to see the Gray Whale migration in Baja California.
  • The third entry period (Nov. 7-Nov. 13) gives you a chance to win a trip to see the Rockhopper Penguin and Elephant Seal migration in the Falkland Islands.
  • The final and fourth entry period (Nov. 14-Nov. 20) is for a chance to see the Zebra migration in Southern Africa.

All of the expeditions sound amazing!

We’ve entered to win the adventure to Tanzania, Africa.  Have you?  Let us know if you win!

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