A Day in Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina

We only had the day of May 29, 2010 and one night to spend in Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina.  Mostar is a beautiful little UNESCO World Heritage town!  When George first mentioned the idea of going to Bosnia I thought it was a bit crazy, but I’m so glad that we visited Mostar!  After checking in at the homestay we went to see the Stari Most (old bridge) and find some lunch.

We crossed over the Stari Most, bridging the aqua blue waters of the Neretva River, and walked through the pedestrian alleys of the Old Town, filled with souvenir shops and restaurants, until we made our way to a non-touristy area of town.

Stari Most (Old Bridge), Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina

We found a small restaurant serving local cuisine and I finally got to try cevapi, grilled minced meat served in somun bread, for a bargain price of about $2 USD.

Cevapi for lunch in Mostar

After eating we headed back to the Old Town area and sat by the Neretva River admiring and photographing the Old Bridge. Then we went back to our room for a bit of rest, before venturing out again in the evening for dinner.

View from the Homestay in Mostar

In the evening we walked back to the Old Town area to walk around.  Although many of the buildings in Mostar have been rebuilt, partially demolished structures  are not an uncommon sight.  And if you walk the streets past the old town area, especially near the DMZ where the Croats and Bosnians fought and divided the city, you can still see buildings covered in bullet holes, like pock marks.

Partially Demolished Building and Yugos, Mostar

We found another inexpensive restaurant just outside the old town area and enjoyed our meal of grilled chicken, sitting outside on the cobble stone street.  Many teenagers passed by on their way out for the evening.  After dinner we admired the bridge and old town lit up at night.  We also had some delicious ice cream for incredibly cheap (1 Bosnian Mark, about USD $0.50).

Mostar at Night
Mostar at Night with the Stari Most and a Mosque in the foreground with a Cross on the mountain top in the background

It was time to call it a night and in the morning we would be heading on from the majestic little town of Mostar.

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