Tvrdava Spanjola Fortress on Hvar Island, Croatia

On June 3, 2010, we hiked up to the Fortress (Tvrdava Spanjola) on Hvar Island.  We had been waiting for a clear day to enjoy the view from the fortress.  Here’s the view as we left Iris Doris Apartments, walking down to Hvar Town before walking up the hill to the fortress:

Tvrdava Spanjola Fortress, Hvar Island, Croatia

The hike up to the Fortress was easy and pleasant, not like the strenuous hike up the city wall in Kotor, Montenegro.

Hiking up to the Fortress on Hvar Island, Croatia
View Walking up to the Fortress, Hvar Island
Church on the Hill, Hvar Island

Once you reach the fortress at the top there is an admission fee of 20KN per person.  We entered the fortress and took some photos and sat to enjoy our snacks.

View from the Fortress, Hvar Island
Fortress, Hvar Island
Cool clouds, Hvar Island
Heidi and George at the Fortress on Hvar Island

There’s even a dungeon in the fortress that you can go into!

Prison Cell in the Fortress, Hvar Island

After hiking back down we strolled along the path wrapping part way around the island again.

Hvar Island, Croatia

We stopped for a break on a “beach” of rocks.

Heidi and George on Hvar Island, Croatia
Boats on Hvar Island, Croatia
Sea Urchins in the water, Hvar Island

Be careful if you go in the water on Hvar island that you don’t step on a sea urchin!  The rocks near the shore are full of them!

Church, Hvar Town, Hvar Island

As we got back into Hvar Town we saw a procession going into the church with lots of children dressed up for their First Communion.

Our stay on Hvar Island flew by.  The next day, June 4, 2010, it was already time to head back to Split and move on to our next destination.  Our train wasn’t leaving until that night, so we had the afternoon to spend in Split.  First we went shoe shopping, then we got  a cheap meal in one of the many food stands by the ferry port and bus and train stations.  We still had time to kill, so we caught a showing of the Sex and the City movie for about $4/person.  As soon as the movie was over it was time for us to hurry to the train station, get our bags out of the locker, and board the train.

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