Euro Rooms, Krakow- Review

Euro Rooms has an excellent location off of Wiepole Rd and is only a short 5 minute walk to Rynek Glowny, the center square.  It is also easy to reach from Krakow Glowny Station, which is about a 20 minute walk.  We had a double room with our own bathroom that was very clean and nice with fresh clean towels.  The ladies that work there are also super nice, and even though they don’t speak much English we were able to communicate.  They also have a kitchen and a refrigerator so we were able to buy  groceries for breakfast and dinner, which saves a lot of money.  Also there is free tea and coffee on hand.  Also, free laundry machine and free strong wi-fi!  The only drawback of Euro Rooms was that there is a club next door and every night (except Sunday) they either had a live band that played until 1AM or dance music.  However, this didn’t really bother us, as we are on the 3rd (top ) floor and being tired makes is easy to sleep.  Also our room was right behind the reception desk, so we would hear whenever the phone rang.  To us, these were small annoyances and again, the service was excellent and very friendly and we would return again :).

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