Gdansk, Poland

The day after the wedding we checked out of Awo Hotel in Gniezno and moved to the Pietrak Hotel.  Our room at Awo Hotel came with breakfast, but we decided to sleep in as long as possible, and check out right at noon, instead of waking up in time for breakfast.  When we got to the reception area to check out the receptionist told us our breakfast was waiting for us.  We were both surprised, since we thought we had missed breakfast.  We told her we were out late the night before at a wedding, and she said she knew, that is why they held our breakfast especially for us.  What great service!  We happily ate our breakfast and then headed over to Pietrak Hotel to check in, where Ollie’s parents were staying.  Then we spent most of the day at Kasia’s parents place, along with other friends who were still in town, eating the left-overs from the wedding.  George and I were exhausted and got a ride back to our room around 6pm to rest.

The next afternoon, May 3rd, Ollie, Kasia, George, and I took a train up to Gdansk (formerly known as Danzig, by the Germans), along the coast in northern Poland, to visit Kasia’s sister, Gosia.  The train was packed with people heading back from a long weekend and it was hard to find seats.  We arrived that evening in Gdansk.

On May 4th we walked around the old town area of Gdansk, which has lovely architecture.  The weather had gotten cooler than when we first arrived in Poland and there was a coastal breeze, so it was a bit chilly.  We could have gone to the beach, but it was cold and everyone was tired, so we opted for the movies, instead.  We got to see Iron Man 2 before it came out in the US and at a bargain price of about $4 USD/person!

Old Town, Gdansk, Poland

The architecture in the old town is amazing and is like nothing we had ever seen.  I was wonderful to see so many old structures in great condition.

George and Heidi in Gdansk, Poland
St. Mary's Church, Gdansk Poland

St. Mary’s Church (Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) towers over the other buildings in the area, and is the largest brick church in the world.

Heidi and George in Gdansk, Poland

For lunch we tried traditional Polish pierogi (dumplings).  They come with either cabbage and mushrooms, meat, or strawberries inside.  I love dessert for any meal, so I opted for the strawberry ones :).

Strawberry Pierogi (Dumplings)

Later we got grofy (waffles) from a snack cart, covered in whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  So yummy, but messy, too!

Getting Gofry (waffles) from the Snack Cart

From Gosia’s apartment you can see the ocean and also the longest apartment building in Europe!

Longest Apartment Building in Europe

On May 5th we took a boat ride on the Black Pearl.  Kasia and Ollie had received a boat ride from their friends as a wedding gift, and they invited us to go along.  The ride on the Black Pearl is usually just a cruise to the place where WWII began and a return trip.  But Ollie and Kasia received a special surprise as part of their wedding gift.  The tour included lunch for the four of us and the crew sang to them and presented them with a certificate.  We were lucky we got to go along with them :).  Thanks, guys!

The Black Pearl, Gdansk, Poland
Kasia and Ollie Enjoying their Meal on the Black Pearl
Memorial Where WWII Began
Steering the Black Pearl
George and Ollie Dueling it Out
Heidi and George on the Black Pearl, Gdansk, Poland

It was another great day in Gdansk.  Thanks so much to Ollie and Kasia for letting us tag along and to Gosia for letting us stay with you!

We highly recommend Gdansk for for its history and amazing architecture!

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