Sampling Ginjinha in Óbidos, Portugal

Mariana also took us on an excursion to Obidos- a town inside a castle wall!  It’s a beautiful little town with traditional houses and flowers growing everywhere.  We had a wonderful time exploring Obidos and walking along the castle wall.  It’s the perfect place for a romantic weekend get-away from Lisbon, about an hour away.

Heidi and Mariana walking up a stone path
Heidi and Mariana walking up a stone path, Obidos, Portugal
Heidi and George in a castle city
Heidi and George in Obidos- a town inside a castle wall!
Mariana and Heidi in a Castle
Mariana and Heidi on the castle wall, Obidos, Portgal
Castle, Obidos, Portugal

There was a car club stopped at the castle, so the parking lot was lined with the same model Mercedes car in various colors.  Inside the town there are many touristy shops and plenty of restaurants and even a hotel!  But perhaps, the best thing that they sell is Ginjinha or Ginja.

Ginja- Yum!

Mariana had told me about Ginja, a sour cherry liquor served in a chocolate cup, and I really wanted to try it, so she brought us to Obidos, which is the best place in Portugal to get Ginja.  While the drink looks like a shot, we think it is meant to be savored for its rich flavor and at 1 euro pop, you may as well have two!  We tried it at a couple of the many shops- yummy, yummy!  Too bad the chocolate cups and glass bottles of sour cherry liquor were too fragile to bring home to share.


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