Jellyfish Invasion

The jellyfish have taken over not only Karon Beach, but also Kata and Nai Harn Beaches.  They are washed up on the shore and floating in the waves.  This type of jellyfish, which does not have long tentacles, probably is not the kind that stings.  We heard from a Canadian couple who have been living in Phuket for the past 6 years that they’ve never seen jellyfish on the beach here before.  They asked a local about it, who said that colder waters were bringing the jellies in.  He also told them that this type doesn’t sting.  We saw children throwing them at each other on the beach, and they didn’t seem to mind picking them up with their bare hands. Even so, I still don’t want to run into one in the water…

Dead jellyfish on the beach
Dead jellyfish on the beach

According to an online article, the jellies are 98% water and therefore when left on the beach they will dissapear quickly since they are also transparent.  This has proven to be true since we never seem to see old jellyfish carcasses on the beach.

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