Lake Sonoma, Gyserville, California

On Sunday we enjoyed the sunniest day yet this year by heading over to Lake Sonoma.  It just so happened that the Steelhead Festival was taking place.  There was live music by the Healdsburg High Jazz Ensemble, BBQ, and activities for the kids.  We walked through the fish hatchery and out to the fish ladder, where we got to see some spawning Steelhead.  We’ll be checking the creek by the gate to see if any make it up to visit us this year.

Steelhead spawning area at Lake Sonoma
Steelhead spawning at Lake Sonoma

After watching the Steelhead we took the road up past the visitor’s center to get a good view of Lake Sonoma.  It was a bit windy and cold from the viewpoint, but plenty bright and sunny.

Lake Sonoma, Gyserville, CA
George and Heidi at Lake Sonoma

When we got home there were lots of ladybugs!  Sometimes swarms of ladybugs show up on the hillsides, clumped together on stalks of grass.  It’s an amazing sight to see a meadow filled with ladybugs!  They are good to have around, since they eat pesky aphids.

Clump of lady bugs
Lady bugs!
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