Quan Hy Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

After a 10 hour bus ride from Nha Trang we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to have dinner with some friends.

Quan Hy is now our favorite restaurant in HCMC! It is walking distance from the backpacker area or a short and cheap taxi ride.  They also have a branch in Westminister, California. www.quanhyrestaurant.com

Tasty food, but of course the main reason was because of the great company and conversations we had with Mr. and Mrs. Takimoto.  Remember, to keep us in mind about the African Safari 😉

Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Takimoto, George and Heidi

Thanks so much for a wonderful and delicious dinner in HCMC!  It was great to see you and we hope to return the favor in the near future 🙂

George, Heidi, and Mariana at Quan Hy
George, Heidi, and Mariana at Quan Hy

The food was so good we had to go back again for a farewell dinner with Mariana!  We hope to see you again real soon too!

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