Back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After our stay in Bali we flew back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Air Asia is a Malaysian company, and the flights departing from or arriving into KL are super cheap.  We had booked tickets for the two of us from KL to China for $170 total, including taxes and fees.  For that price, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to China!  Even our Chinese visas cost more than our plane tickets (US $185/person for a double entry visas with 30 days for each entry).  We stayed at the D’Oriental again in KL, which was starting to feel like home.  It was nice to have somewhere familiar to come back to.

Our few days in KL were mostly taken up with errands.  First priority was to get my camera fixed.  Luckily there was a repair place in a neighboring town to KL.  We took the light rail and a short taxi ride to the Shiro building to drop off my Optio W60.  We left it for repair on Thursday and were told to call on Monday to check the status, but already on Friday afternoon I got a call that my camera was ready!  They replaced a couple parts that had to do with the shutter button, but I’m not sure exactly what, since the form only had part numbers on it.  I was super lucky that there was a convenient place to take it in while still traveling, and it must have been a mis-manufacturing defect ;), since I wasn’t charged anything for the repair.  Now it’s working better than new!  Friday morning we had to get up early to head to the US Embassy to get pages added to our passports (you can find that story in our next post).

George Lounging at the Premiere Class Movie, KL
George Lounging at the Premiere Class Movie, KL

While back in KL we were able to sneak in one more movie.  This time when we went to buy tickets the showing of the movie we wanted to see was more expensive than the movies we had watched before.  We found out it was because there are different classes of movies.  We bought premiere tickets, and got a VIP movie watching experience for 15 ringgit/person (US $4.32).  With the premiere class tickets you’re in a separate theatre.  It has it’s own waiting room with tables and chairs and it’s own snack bar and bathroom.  Once inside the small theater we saw that it’s just two seats, isle, two seat, isle and two more seats.  So each pair has their own little spot to sit.  Perfect for dates, but there is a sign strictly prohibiting kissing in the theater :). There are also tables attached to the chairs, for putting your popcorn on.  We enjoyed our premiere class movie experience in KL, and it was still cheaper than movies back home!

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