Hampi, India- A Town of Temples and Boulders

From Mysore we took a night train to Hubli.  Then we took a four hour bus ride from Hubli to Hospet.  From Hospet we took a half-hour local bus ride to Hampi, arriving in Hampi on April 23.  Hampi had not been on our original itinerary, but it was recommended to us by many travelers, so we decided to squeeze it in near the end of our India adventure.

Even as soon as the bus started entering Hampi we were in awe!  There are amazing rock formations scattered throughout the landscape, as well as many temples.  The huge boulders just looked so out of place, making you wonder how they got there.  Riding into town I felt like I was on the Indian Jones ride at Disneyland :).

The first day we found a place to stay (a single guest room right next to a road) and the next couple days we went exploring.  We started out visiting a Achyutaraya Temple just outside of town, and taking some photos of the rocks.  To get there, just walk straight down Hampi Bazaar, up the stairs, and then follow the path down.

Stairway leading to temples, Hampi, India
Looking back at Hampi Bazaar
Temples and Boulders, Hampi, India
Looking down at Achyutaraya Temple, Hampi
Gateway of Achyutaraya Temple, Hampi
Heidi in Hampi
Nandi Statue, Hampi

Then in the evening we headed to another cluster of temples within walking distance, on Hemkuta Hill, along the road leading to Hampi.

Monolithic Ganesh, Hampi
George boulder bowling. "You can do it!"

The next morning we started out walking along the Tungabhadar River to see Vittala Temple, the most impressive temple complex, which is the only one that has an entrance fee.

Tungabhadar River in Hampi
Warning along the river
George and Heidi at Vittala Temple in Hampi, India
Vittala Temple and Plumeria Tree, Hampi
Carving on Vittala Temple, Hampi

After seeing Vittala Temple we headed back through Hampi, and then out the other direction, towards the town of Kamala Puram, to the Royal Complex.

Lotus Mahal, Hampi
Elephant Stable, Hampi
Underground Virupaksha Temple, Hampi

We enjoyed the temples and landscape of Hampi and recommend including the town on any Indian itinerary!

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