Orangeways Bus from Vienna to Budapest- Review

We purchased our Orangeways Bus tickets for Vienna to Budapest online at  They have an English version of their website and it is very easy to navigate!  You can even choose your seats online!  For 2 tickets we only paid 5,000 HUF, which is about $22 USD –  a bargain compared to many other fares!

We boarded the bus at Sudtiroler station and had to pay 300 HUF for our one checked bag.  The bus left on time and included an on-board attendant and free coffee, hot chocolate, or cappuccino.  It also, included a couple of free movies on LCD screens (one in the front and a couple of screens in the middle of the bus).  They also provided headphones for the movies.  There is also a toilet on the bus.  Both Heidi and I watched the movies and by the time the second one was over we were in Budapest :).  One more thing, we had heard that they will be implementing WiFi in their buses soon.  We forgot to test it on our bus but will make sure we do the next time.

Overall, the experience was great!  The ride was smooth and on time.  The attendant came by a couple of times to see how we were doing and whether we wanted more hot chocolate!  She also informed us of our arrival time.

We highly recommend Orangeways as they are expanding their service throughout Europe.  We hope we get to use them again sometime on this trip!

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