To save money, we’ve been eating instant noodles for dinner.  The blue one on the right is Tom Yum flavor, and has super spicy tiny red Thai chilis.  Sometimes it’s too spicy to eat!  The other one is Pad Kee Mao flavor, and has the chili powder in a separate packet, so you can control the spiciness.  We stop by the Family Mart (similar to 7-Eleven) next door at least once a day for water and snacks.  Usually we get the Japanese Calbee brand shrimp flavor crackers.  Today I decided to try something different.  I bought “Bigga Corn Snack Chocolate Flavour.”  They’re shaped like big pieces of dog food, have the texture of super light and fluffy Cheetos, and taste like salty corn chips with cocoa powder.  Very interesting!  The portion in English on the back reads, “Search for the success of your life with ‘Bigga Corn Snack’ Fresh, declicious, and most of all, highly nutritious.”  I’m not sure what’s nutritious about corn, sugar, skim milk, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, and salt. 😉

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