Everest Base Camp, Tibet

May 21, 2009: I have a new-found admiration for those who climb and summit Mt. Everest!  See the little hill where people are standing in the photo above?  If you climb up it you can get an even better view of Mt. Everest.  George and I headed towards it, but after a few steps I

Journey to Qomolangma (Mt. Everest)

May 20, 2009: No trip to the Roof of the World would be complete without a visit to the highest mountain in the world! At the top of all mountain passes and other very high points you will find prayer flags.  Lots of them!!  There are always five different colors with prayers written in the

Sakya Monastery, Tibet

May 20, 2009: A couple of hours after leaving Shigatse, we took a detour down a dusty, bumpy dirt road and arrived at Sakya Monastery, but at this point we felt that we had seen enough monasteries and there is a lot more to Tibet than visiting monasteries.  In fact, we recommend that for your

Lhasa to Gyantse via Yamdrok Lake

May 18, 2009: Our day started out with me having the usual headache, but I wasn’t about to let this ruin the start of the day so I ate a banana and an apple then popped 2 aspirin.  Miraculously I was feeling pretty good by the time we headed out the door.  We are a

Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet

May 16, 2009: At 3:40 PM it was time to meet our guide again and Heidi was feeling pretty good but I was still suffering from a headache.  Regardless, I didn’t want to miss out on Jokhang Temple so I popped a couple of aspirins and we headed out.  Jokhang is located in the Barkhor

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet

May 16, 2009: On our second day, after our very rough first night, we were ready to begin our tour of the Potala Palace.   Even though we weren’t feeling 100% we could not miss our chance, since you need a ticket ahead of time in order to visit the palace.  Only 500 tickets are issued

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