Mele Kalikimaka from Honolulu!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Honolulu, Hawaii!

Here are some photos from our Hawaiian Christmas day:

Heidi and George at the Beach, Christmas 2011

It was such a nice sunny day! We enjoyed floating around on our raft.

George relaxing with Diamond Head in the background, Christmas 2011
Christmas Sugar Cookies 2011

We went back to the Honolulu Hale (city hall) to see the Honolulu City Lights again on Christmas Eve. Here are a couple photos:


g&h Admiring the Christmas Tree Displays in the Honolulu Hale
Santa and Mrs. Claus dipping their feet in the fountain


Honolulu Hale, Christmas Eve 2011

Wishing you all happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Mele Kalikimaka from Honolulu!”

  1. Seriously, Christmas in Hawaii!!!

    George and Heidi – I love keeping up with your travels. This is a great website and think you should also consider a travel show and DVDs at some point. Really great info and what an exotic education for the two of you over the past few years.

    Would love to come and visit. In the meantime, wishing you both lots of joy, good health, adventure, peace, and correspondence (tehe) in the coming year. Missing you but hoping you stay on your raft. love, jocelyn

  2. Heidi, I just discovered your website – this is fabulous! I am so envious of all your travels – what glorious adventures you must have had! Keep it up!

    Paige (Thompson) Draitser = )

  3. Thank you, Jocelyn!
    I just filtered through hundreds of spam comments and found your message today. You are always welcome to come visit us in Hawaii! We are loving the good weather and outside activities here!

    We are thinking of starting to write travel guides. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

    We hope that 2012 is going well for you.
    Take care,

  4. Hi Paige,
    Welcome to the Adventures of George and Heidi! We are blessed to have been able to travel to so many places and hope to inspire others to travel, as well. We took Sonya with us on one of our trips to Thailand and she had a great time.

    I was just reading your blog “Raised in the Woods” today. My husband teases me that I grew up in the woods. 🙂

    I hope your family is doing well.
    Take care,

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