Ready, Set … United 891

Still sitting at LAX listening to the Jackson 5 singing some cheesy xmas song, but before that was a classic Bowie tune 😉

Anyway, I think we might actually be able to sleep on our 11 hour flight to Narita since we are running on 1 hour of sleep.  That’s a good and bad thing since we will arrive in Bangkok at 11:55 pm on the 11th.  So we will be ready for sleep and hopefully tired.

I have also been thinking about the situation at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok after the protesters left last week.  Will it be business as usual?  Looks like it might be since our flight from Narita (NRT) to Bangkok (BKK)  was overbooked!!

Next stop: Narita Japan.

8 thoughts on “Ready, Set … United 891”

  1. Have a safe flight and time abroad. Gin, Brandon and I look forward to your blog updates about your travels. Have a great time and early happy holidays!

  2. Hi Guys,

    Hope all goes well for the World Travelers. I was might work out into
    a Travel Magazine, you never know.
    Keep everyone posted, and I will pray that everything turns out in your favor.
    As for me, I am busy getting ready for the holidays and expecting Jennifer, John,
    & girls next week. We will get to see all the girls sometime during the holidays.

  3. Hi Heidi & George! Thanks for sending me the link to your site. How exciting to be able to travel!! I was thinking of going to Japan this holiday too, but I think I’ll have to wait another year 😉 I’m looking forward to (frequent) updates and pictures galore! Cheers, Momo

  4. Hey George & Heidi!

    Good luck on your journey. Gail and I are seriously excited for you and all the experiences you will have.


  5. Hi Heidi & George, aka, George & Heidi!

    Hope you guys are having fun – although so far you have probably only been watching movies on the plane! But that part can be fun too 😉

    I am procrastinating the last bit of my packing for some reason… maybe I will finish it up tonight!
    Then, I’ll be off too!

    Take care,

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